Upcoming Vancouver Concerts

66712948_b1d764d2b4_oLive Concerts in Vancouver

If you are ready to enjoy a bit of live music, Vancouver has you covered. An array of upcoming concerts are sure to put you in the right mood, no matter the genre of your choice. Take a look at some of the most anticipated Vancouver concerts and get your tickets before they are all gone!

Frankie Valli will perform at the  on September 13th. The show starts at 8:00 p.m., and are on sale now. Valli was once front man for The Four Seasons. On the same day, Sir Elton John will perform at Rogers Arena. John needs no introduction, as he has been filling our souls with sounds for many years already. He has a second Vancouver performance on the following evening.

The 3rd day of October brings a number of live concerts to Vancouver. Performing this night is Brad Paisley and Brett Kissel. If you are a fan of the laid back sounds of country music, make your way to the Abbottsford Entertainment Complex at 8:00 p.m. to check them out live.

Also on the 3rd of October, Kasabian will perform at the Vogue Theater. Tickets start at just $30, and with hits such as Fire and Club Foot, this is a show that you will not want to miss.

Sean McCann is performing on October 3rd. His show will be held at The Railway Club, with ticket prices starting at just $20. McCann is most known as the lead man for the band Great Big Sea.

The Temptations are performing live on October the 4th at the Hard Rock Casino. This show is sure to be sold out, so get those tickets now. The Temptations show starts at 8:00 p.m. This is a one-night only event.

If you want to hear something besides music, Norm MacDonald will put on a show that will provide you with non-stop laughs. His comedy concert tour stops in Vancouver on October 4th where he will perform his act at the Vogue Theater, starting at 8:00 p.m. MacDonald is most known as funny man on the popular variety show Saturday Night Live.

Ryan Adams will perform live at the Orpheum Theater on October 7th. The husband of Mandy Moore and past member of country band Whiskeytown, Adams plans on a hot performance that you will not want to miss. All tickets are priced under $60, so it is a bargain.

If you want to get loud, check out Red Fang at the Black Mastiff. This heavy metal band is sure to rock the crowd. This concert starts at 8:00 p.m. on October 7th.

On October 20th, Sarah MacLachlin will put on a performance at Orpheum Theater. All tickets are priced at $120 or under. MacLachlin is known for her songs ‘Arms of an Angel’ and many others. She is known to put on a great, non-stop, action-packed show, so if you are a fan or enjoy rock/pop music, do not miss this one.

Big K.R.I.T. will show his stuff on stage on October 26th at Venue. This southern rapper has performed with well-known acts such as Ludacris and is known for his slowed down, funky beats. His live shows are full of energy and spunk. Be there or be square!

This list highlights only some of the action packed performers that will bring their show to Vancouver. Check them out and enjoy the live music! Picture

Sounds Tracks – So Much Fun

Listening To a Sound TrackI still remember growing up making mixed tapes.

The idea of composing a tape of your favorite songs.  Or creating a mixed CD for your girl friend.

Oh the subliminal messages you were trying to convey.

I have one vivid memory of trying to decide whether it was a good idea to include the song “Feel Like Making Love”.

I went for it 🙂

Well, in today’s digital / cloud libraries, mixed tapes and CD’s are not really relevant anymore.  At the tip of your fingers you can sort, filter, play, delete any song in seconds.

So who needs to spend hours creating mixed CD’s.  Im guilty of still doing this but I think I’m one of the last of the “music nerds”.

However, all is not lost.  I tend to enjoy the art of listening to what others have decided to put together in order to tell a story.  Soundtracks are a professionals attempt to choose music to support telling a story.

Some of my very favorite soundtracks of all time?  I have lots but here are just a couple.

Remember the Movie Garden State?  Absolutely classic example of a high quality sound track.  Its the first time I heard the best song ever….by the Shins.  If you are not aware of this song, stop reading, go find it and listen.  It’s one of my top 5 favorite songs ever.

Another great older sound track is from the movie “Empire Records”.   How appropriate that a movie about a record store has a good soundtrack to go with it.

I tend to find that mainstream movies have terrible sound tracks.  They just don’t have the inspiration and thought that smaller, lower budget films have.

Another great sound track movie is High Fidelity.  Seriously how can a movie about putting together the ultimate sound track have a back sound track.

Here is a list of 100 best soundtracks (not sure how they determined the best but its a pretty decent list).  http://www.filmsite.org/100soundtracks.html

And may I suggest that you watch these movies via Netflix?

Only problem is a lot of these movies are not available on the “Canadian” Netflix.  Booo!

Fortunately there is a fairly straight forward way around this.  Check out this site.  I’ve been using this technique for a few months now and its a real gem.

Plus, this method also allows you to get other amazing US only sites such as Pandora Radio (love it!) and Hulu.com (sweet!).

Back to the Sound Tracks

As a fellow Canadian and music lover I always like to promote the Canadian artists whenever possible.  However, I can’t seem to find an easy way to take this list of 100 top soundtracks and filter it to give me just the Canadian artists.

Sure, I could spend hours and hours and hours pouring over this list and finding the Canadian artists but I have a full time job.

However, I figured there might be a loyal reader out there who would be interested in doing this.  Any takers?

Buhler?  Buhler?

In all seriousness (is that a word?) if someone has an interest, we would be willing to feature that said person on our amazing site!

Keep on rockin and give some of these soundtracks a try.

Vancouver’s Most Popular Home Grown Musicians

Since the city of Vancouver has established itself as one of the largest cities in Canada, it has a growing music community as well. The music scene in Vancouver saw rapid development in the 1960s, when folk music was highly popular year. But over the past few decades, the local music scene has also diversified to a considerable extent. This speaks to the growing diversity of the city and what it has to offer to people. New residents will want to head to bars and nightclubs to understand more about what the city itself has to offer. This can guide them to understand more about the history of Vancouver music itself.

Prominent early recording artists in Vancouver included Bryan Adams, who got his start singing for Sweeney Todd at the age of 15. He would go on to produce several hit records that would become major commercial successes in the next few decades. Vancouver was also instrumental in the professional development of producer Bruce Fairbain. He helped to generate a lot of attention for Prism, which was a rock band that developed in Vancouver. Jim Vallance was another prominent musician produced by the city. Vallance played with Bryan Adams on multiple occasions over time.

The 1980s brought a lot of diversity to the music scene in Vancouver. There were many different prominent punk influences in the city, which produced several different acts. D.O.A. and the Subhumans were perhaps the most notably punk bands to emerge from these developments. Blasphemy emerged as part of the extreme metal scene, which added to the diversity of the music produced by Vancouver artists. There were plenty of alternative groups to emerge during this period as well. Nomeansno is perhaps one of the more well known bands to come out of Vancouver, adding to the overall appeal of the scene here.

There is no denying that Seattle’s Grunge music influenced Vancouver’s artists in many ways. Vancouver was able to produce musicians who developed their own unique twist on the way that Grunge was produced. The Smugglers, the Evaporators and Gob are perhaps the best known Grunge bands to come out of Vancouver. But the city also became known as a major supporter of Grunge music in general, helping to promote the sound on an international level. Recording artists from all over made sure to stop off in Vancouver to play for audiences there. This is because the city itself was supportive of this trend and still continues to produce musicians influenced by this era.

The Indie music scene has developed rapidly over the course of the past decade. Vancouver has been a hotbed of Indie rock bands over this time period. Hot Hot Heat and Marianas Trench are popular examples of this new trend. They have gone on to produce major records and draw in attention from fans around the country. The city itself has an active Indie music scene, with several prominent festivals being held over the years. This has helped to establish Vancouver as one of the most popular cities for traveling bands and rotating shows.

There are plenty of other developments taking place in the city in other musical genres. Though it hasn’t been traditionally associated with this music form, Hip Hop has played a prominent role in Vancouver’s music history. Kid Koala and Swollen Members are two of the more popular Hip Hop acts operating out of the city. Dance and House music have made their presence felt in the city as well. Delerium and Noise Unit are popular acts here in Vancouver, which has helped residents discover this unique form of music.

Why You Should Check Out Make Music Vancouver

5858858407_18def4bc74_zJune 21st is considered the first day of summer for many countries, which will typically coincide with a few different festivals.

The summer solstice is frequently one of the more popular occasions to host these festivals as well. Make Music Vancouver is a popular new festival that is already drawing in plenty of attention from local residents.

This is one of the largest music festivals held in the city, which has drawn in attention from people everywhere. This could be a great chance for people to get together and enjoy the experiences waiting for them in the city. It is also an important opportunity for local artists to get the exposure that they need.

This concept has already taken over the attention of the world. Every summer solstice, people everywhere get together to host these kinds of music festivals. There are actually upwards of 800 different cities that have similar music get together events.

This is a testament to the popularity of the format, which has drawn in crowds everywhere around. People will want to experience these events for themselves and discover some of the music that it has to offer. Make Music Vancouver has established itself as one of the premier examples of these events in the world.

A major draw for the event is that it is free and open to the public. People will be able to head in to this music venue to explore what it has to offer. It is usually hosted right on the streets of Vancouver, which is a popular draw for people here.

Visitors will want to experience some of the different types of music events that Vancouver can showcase. This will typically draw in a fair number of acts, which will draw from the talented community of musicians living in the city.

Make Music Vancouver is centered in the Gastown area. However, the acts may be scattered throughout the district. Fans that want to make the most out of the event itself will want to explore more about what this location has to offer.

People will want to consider some of the unique advantages of the music that people will discover here. Make Music Vancouver will typically list some of the acts that are slated to be played on site. This will draw in visitors and help people understand whether the event is for them. If they want to enjoy the music event, they will need to schedule out the acts that they want to see.

Part of the appeal of Make Music Vancouver is that almost any band can sign up to play. This has a democratizing effect on the event, which has made it a great choice for musicians.

Many musical performers will be able to get some notoriety for their band. There will be tons of fans and even a few recording labels in attendance. This could be the big break that many performers have been waiting to find for themselves. For performers who want to enhance their skills, this could be the opportunity that they have wanted to take.

Above all else, Make Music Vancouver will transform the city in to an extensive outdoor stage for these bands. The city itself will undergo an impressive transformation that will draw in support from all around. Visitors will certainly be impressed by the unique aspects of how musicians will be getting involved. International travelers can incorporate this trip in to their itinerary, which will help them get involved soon.

If people want to manage these trips, they should set up their itinerary in advance. This will give them direct access to performances offered by over 100 different live bands at Make Music Vancouver.

Canadian Meets Pandora Radio

Internet Radio In CanadaIts become more and more prevalent for Canadians to turn off their over the air traditional radio in favor of Pandora Internet Radio.  Wait a minute…Canadians can’t get Pandora Internet Radio.  Its blocked, right?

Actually it is blocked, however it has recently come to my attention that there is indeed a way to access Pandora from Canada.  This is something that the younger generation has caught onto so that they can have the ability to tailor their own stations.

Basically, Pandora allows you to pick a few of your favorite music artists and they then they use your artists basic tastes to add more artists that you might be interested in.  Then you can approve those new artists that you enjoy.

Do this approval process for just a couple of hours and you have got your own private radio station that plays pretty much solely the kind of music you will enjoy.  This will typically provide hit after hit.

The way to get full access to this awesome site is to get a VPN. A VPN allows you to virtually relocate your computers location to another location.

In this case since you are located in Canada then you will want to choose a US based city to virtually reside in.  If you look like you are located within the US boundaries, then you have full access to US only sites such as Pandora Internet Radio.

Its also worth noting that their are some other very popular sites that this method also unblocks.  Some of the most popular of these restricted sites are Hulu.com and Spotify Radio. Both of these sites are massively popular in the States but 100% restricted in Canada.

Now there are some free methods to getting a VPN however, they are very unreliable and tend to only work for very short periods of time.  Instead if you are serious about unblocking these sites for the long term and without any hassles you probably need to purchase a high quality VPN.  The good news is that they are relatively cheap and only costs a couple of dollars each month.

The main reason I’m a big proponent of Pandora Internet Radio is to expand your musical horizons.  Most Vancouver Radio stations play the top hits but typically don’t expand much beyond the top 100 songs at any given time.

While this is great for the masses, I believe the for individuals who enjoy discovering new artists that strike a cord, a site such as Pandora is a perfect solution.

So its best to listen to main stream radio to determine who your favorite main stream artists are.  Then input those artists into Pandora and see what new artists the site suggests.  Believe me it pretty incredible to see what amazing new tunes show up.

Then you can host parties at your home via the Internet Radio without having to worry about a DJ.  Your personalized radio station will ensure that the unique hits just keep on playing all night long.

The only downside to the free Pandora Internet Radio is the advertisements but with anything that is free you normally have to ignore you way through the ads.

This is the newest Canadian music revolution and thousands of young Canadians are just now discovering it.


Main Political Vancouver Talk Radio Stations

2089122314_40d5739aef_zThe Vancouver area is perhaps best known for being one of the most unique and culturally diverse cities in Canada. This is supported by the different types of radio stations that are operating in the area. Vancouver is the largest city in British Columbia, so it stands to reason that it also plays host to a wide range of other broadcasts. Local fans will want to find their favorite radio station and what it has to offer. This is part of the reason why many will be waiting to see whether these talk radio stations broadcast more information. There is plenty of variety out on the market, fans will just need to think about which one will suit their tastes.

1. CBC Radio One

CBC Radio One is perhaps the largest talk radio broadcaster operating in the area. They will be discussing some of the most important events that are occurring throughout the course of the year. The station actually has a wide range of political broadcasts, which will draw in attention from a spectrum a fans as well. It does have some truly unique broadcasts, including “Ideas” and “As It Happens: Midnight Edition”. The hosts on these shows will help fans stay up to date on the different types of events happening around the world. They will be providing their own unique take on these events and will even take calls to get fans in on the discussion.

2. News 1130

There are some major events that will be unfolding in the Vancouver area. This has got fans interested in what types of events they themselves can follow over time. This may be the best overall source for local news events that are happening primarily in the Vancouver area. Listeners will be able to follow how News 1130 will cover important events over the years. This will be especially vital information for anyone interested in new development projects, local political changes and other important information. Listeners will be able to get an unbiased coverage of the specialized news events that happen on a regular basis here.


This is a hybrid station that combines objective news reporting with a few different talk radio programs. This will interest fans who want to listen to a wide range of reports over the course of the day. They will be able to follow live news events as they happen, then get a recap on their favorite talk radio reporting show. The station even maintains a blog that will provide a written recap for the events and encourage comments as well. All of these comments will help people understand more what’s happening and encourage active contribution to the subject matter. CKNW AM will even provide live coverage on major political disputes, which will help keep residents in the loop about what may be happening.

Ultimately, the Vancouver area does have a plethora of different radio broadcasts for people out there. Fans will want to think about whether they can actually tune in to their favorite broadcast team every day. This will keep them engaged with a topic and interested in what it has to offer as well. Fans will be more than ready to follow these events and get a better idea of what opinions are out there. To stay informed, these are the top radio choices for anyone living in Vancouver.

Top 10 Vancouver Radio Songs

Vancouver SingerThe Top 10 Vancouver Radio Songs as posted in May 2014 are varied in tone and style as well as musical composition. From Electronica to Pop to R&B to Rap, these songs represent the tastes and attitudes of the listener-ship there in British Columbia.

At number 10 is Bastille with Pompeii. Pompeii is a song that sings of modern times. The beginning of the end and not knowing that the beginning is the end. The disbelief that everything is falling apart. It is a well written disturbing song that quells the emotions and makes one feel the desolation of the reality that everything is wrong.

At number 9 is Martin Garrix with Animals. This song has a lot of attitude both in it’s electronica style of music and the one line lyrics. The music makes one want to dance and join in with the rhythm.

At number 8 is Hedley with Crazy For You. It seems Hedley is in love with a crazy girl and he loves it. He sings of her being a psycho that gives him a thrill and a high and makes him crazy for her.

At number 7 is Magic! with Rude. This song is a story of the age old tale of boy meets girl, boy wants to marry girl, daddy’s not having it. Magic! takes the high road, though and just questions the father, knowing that he and the girl will marry anyway.

At number 6 is Chromeo with Jealous (I ain’t with it). In this song Chromeo loves a girl who talks to other guys. He says he tries not to show his jealousy, but he doesn’t go along with what she does.

At number 5 is Pharrell Williams with Happy. This is just a happy song. The music is happy. The lyrics are happy. Everything is just happy.

At number 4 is Calvin Harris with Summer. It seems everyone has had a summer love. The girl sang about in this song seems to appear as someone other than who she really is.

At number 3 is Jason Derulo (ft 2 chainz) with Talk Dirty. It is a well known fact that the language of love is universal. This take on that concept is very engaging and very sexy. A well depicted theme, everything about this hit song is a winner.

At number 2 is Jason Timberlake with Not A Bad Thing. In Jason Timberlake style this song is sung as if it is for the romantics in the world. The romance and ardour in the music and the tonality of the singing blend together to make one wish to fall in love again.

At number 1 is John Legend with All Of Me. This is just a beautiful song. The words describe in great detail how much someone is loved and how everything about that person draws the one who loves them closer. The love is so complete that the two people find themselves totally involved with one another. This is a great wedding song because it symbolizes through song the giving of one person to another.

Top 3 Vancouver Radio Stations

Canadian Broadcast RadioBroadcast media in Vancouver is divided into three large styles. The audiences for each are dedicated to their favourite stations, and help to make Vancouver one of the busiest and most popular radio markets in the western hemisphere. The three main Vancouver broadcasting consumer markets are Ultra-contemporary, International, and News and Talk. These three markets comprise the vast majority of the Vancouver listenership. Certain stations stand out as representatives of the best in Vancouver radio for each of these divisions.

Here are the leading stations for the highlighted divisions listed above.

Ultra-Contemporary, Artsy, or modern.

Vancouver’s appeal rests with its commitment to diversity and the creative output of its residents. Certain local radio stations are dedicated to featuring and promoting the best in talent.

104.3 FM radio is known as Shore 104 to Vancouver regulars. This station was started by a grassroots campaign with the agenda of honouring great music and art of the past, while featuring the most stellar talent that could be important in the future. This station boasts a recurring play list that is faithfully no less than four times as long as any other station in Vancouver. This means continually fresh music and exposition throughout the day, without annoying repeats and loops. The SHORE is the home of Jooyner & Hatch, and is Vancouver’s most exhaustive resource for finding dates and schedules of festivals and important events.


Vancouver is proudly a place where many cultures can come together for mutual benefit. Many languages and cultures operate in the Vancouver area, and they each contribute to the success of the city and their own interests.

93.1 FM reaches a huge Slavic, English, French and Punjabi audience with its popular 24 hour programming. CKYE broadcast standard format talk and music programs in a wide range of languages for the immigrant and travelling listeners in the Vancouver region. Popular programming is brought to listeners in languages like Hungarian and Polish as well. This station is a favourite for Vancouver residents and visitors wanting up-to-date news, society discussions and current events.

The ZONE was started in 2001 with special dedication and direction toward Vancouver’s contributing, active international community. The staff at the ZONE prides itself in answering all of the phone-ins to the station, and is dedicated to playing the music listeners want most.

News and Call-In, or Talk

No regional media group is successful without being open to the thoughts and input of its listeners. Call-in talk shows and news forums are some of the most widely listened-to formats in Vancouver. Listener interest and participation is key to a vibrant life on the radio waves.

The top-rated call-in radio station in Vancouver is CKNW 980 AM. Each hourly-scheduled program features subjects about local sporting and news events, as well as, contacts with special guests assigned to a wide variety of topics. Every radio show on this popular station regularly takes calls from citizens in every corner of the province. This type of Vancouver programming is exciting and interactive 24 hrs per day without fail! Recent topics include the USA World Cup victory over Ghana, the Northern Gateway Pipeline controversy, and the BCTF teacher’s strike. These are incredibly hot topics for listeners of CKNW 980 to voice opinions about!